Electric guitars for sale

Awesome Electric Guitars for Sale


Electric guitars for sale are a picker’s dream. You may be just beginning to learn to play, or perhaps you rank up with the greats like Hendrix and Santana. Either way, another guitar could be right in line with what you are looking for. After all, the sound produced by these marvelous instruments is as unique as guitar players themselves, so having more than one guitar is an excellent idea.

A Brief History

Guitars go back in time around 4000 years. Music itself has been and always will be a part of the human element. The style of music being played will determine what type of instrument will be used to produce the sound. The body of a guitar in conjunction with the type of string determines how the sound will resonate in the sound hole.

Types of Guitars

So how does one know what type of guitar will best suit their needs? Generally speaking, here is a quick rundown on guitars and what they are best suited for. The acoustic guitar is unamplified, but will often have electronics added to produce an amplified sound. An acoustic guitar differs from an electric guitar in that it will produce the basically the same sound regardless of amplification. The electric guitar when unamplified makes a twanging metallic noise.

The classical guitar is mostly used for Flamenco but can also be used for ballads. It produces a smooth sound with the nylon strings. This guitar has a wider neck than other guitars, so for those with small hands it may be challenging.

With an option of 6 or 12 strings, the steel-stringed acoustic guitar produces a full and brass like sound. The materials used and the body shape again plays a factor in the range this guitar is capable of reaching. Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan used the steel-stringed acoustic guitar in many of their arrangements.

A full and mellow sound is achieved with the use of an acoustic bass guitar. These beauties are often played in jazz or fusion music, and make the perfect accompaniment for ballads. Many bass players will keep an acoustic bass guitar as a backup for certain numbers in their collection.

The Electric Guitar

Of recent years, the popularity of the electric guitar has grown exponentially. The first electric guitar that was produced commercially came about in 1928 by the Stromberg-Voisinet Company. Lloyd Loar of the Gibson Guitar Company was working on amplification through electric pickup on a string bass and viola as early as 1924. Much has changed in the guitar industry and music since that time, and these improvements have brought the electric guitar to what it is today.

The Who’s Who list of electric guitar greats goes on for quite some time. Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and innovators of the like, have mastered and illuminated the electric guitar to the modern world. These electric guitars and electric bass guitars are excellent for blues, hip-hop, techno, and dare I say disco among several genres of music. The point is having an electric guitar will enable the player to move from one genre to another with easy transition.

Places to Buy A Guitar

When buying a guitar one may not always be able to afford the Fender Stratocaster, but guess what? There are many options for getting a great guitar at a reasonable price. A guitar store or some other music instrument outlet is usually the first place to consider. However, this is not the only option available. Electric guitars for sale can be found online, and you don’t have to feel that a low budget will put you out of the playing realm.

“The electric guitar was vital in helping what I’ve achieved … where would I be without it? Playing awfully quietly, for a start.” — Keith Richards

No matter if you buy a guitar from an online guitar store or through many second hand bargains the quality of the sound produced from the instrument will be music to your ears. If you are now, or have ever wanted to be a juke box hero the time is right to take a little spare change and find those cheap electric guitars for sale.